Colors are the one element that can lift up any interior design – they play a very important role in design. While 2019 was all about browns, greens and grays, 2020 is all going to be about the feel of these colors. In 2020, darker and softer shades are going to make an entry, and provide homes with the much needed warmth and coziness. Let’s take a look at some of the colors which might trend in 2020!

Navy Blue – As timeless and regal as it can be, this one might just end up being one of the hottest trends. It’s a gorgeous shade, and can turn around any place.

Champagne – It’s calming and will add an earthy touch to your home. Champagne when paired with bold textures is sure to give a stunning look.

Olive Green – this one was popular in 2019, and it seems the trend might just continue into 2020 – it’s natural, flowy and blends easily into any home.

Which colors might lose their touch in 2020? Well, 2020 is the year of warm and welcoming colors, so anything that doesn’t fit in this definition, is sure to lose touch in 2020.

What colors are on your radar?

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