Interior Designing is surely not everyone’s cup of tea, however, there are certain things one must avoid when planning their interiors. From selecting your furniture to paint colours to positioning art – there is a lot that goes into Interior Designing, and here are a couple of mistakes you must steer clear of!

Don’t mix too much:

It could be colours, designs or furniture – too much will make your interiors look super cluttered, and over-the-top.

Dark Furniture in small spaces:

When designing a smaller space, avoid the use of dark colours. They will take away the depth from your room, and make it look smaller. This one’s a mistake you definitely want to avoid.

Contrasting Elements:

Avoid having too much contrast in your room as they tend to come off as an eyesore, and little to no cohesiveness.

Apart from these, pay special attention to rugs, décor articles, furniture – there is a way behind placing every single thing if you’re looking a clean and elegant look, so look out for the small mistakes, and don’t just blindly follow latest trends!

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